iPhone an internet-connected multimedia smartphone

iPhone is the most user-friendly telephone in the market. The big screen fast internet connection combined with its user friendliness, makes lots of users attracted to the iPhone. iPhone is not foremost a telephone. iPhone is a small computer and media player that you also can make phone calls with.
On the iPhone you can read e-books, call for free on SKYPE, play electric guitar, drive car games, or play poker, check the TV programs, measure if my shelf is leveled right etc. Also we can check our Twitter account, as we can check our e-mail, surf on the web and all the other things the phone is meant to do. We can also make our own programs on the gadget with the Apple SDK.

Several free or paid ad-on software like video recording and such, makes it possible to create some personality to iPhone, which is not always something that can easily be done with the average cell phone. The iPhone has been designed to work on GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi networks but doesn’t include 3G support.

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